• Local Economic Development Agencies

    “The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”
    ~Margaret Carty

  • Koochiching Economic Development Authority - KEDA

    The Koochiching Economic Development Authority is the lead development agency for Koochiching County and the City of International Falls.  It serves as the primary point of contact for businesses looking to locate or expand in the county and  International Falls.  KEDA coordinates the various resources dedicated to job creation, retention and expansion throughout the area.  Contact Paul Nevanen at 218-283-8585, 1-800-452-3569; 3214 2nd Avenue E (PO Box 138), International Falls, MN 56649 or paul@businessupnorth.com, www.businessupnorth.com

    Koochco Loan Program

    Koochco is a private, non-profit gap financing agency.  Koochco's loans are designed to create and maintain permanent employment through the establishment of new businesses or the expansion of existing businesses in Koochiching County.  Contact Paul Nevanen at 218-283-2799.

    Koochiching Develpment Authority - KDA

    Prior to the creation of the KEDA, the Koochiching County Board was granted various economic development powers to assist with projects in Koochiching County.  It still retains those powers and works in conjunction with the KEDA to provide resources to qualifying projects.  Contact the Administration Director at 218-283-1152.

    International Falls Economic Development Authority

    Then International Falls Economic Development Authority shall be a catalyst for economic development that results in new investment, job creation diversification of the local economy and expansion of the tax base of International Falls.  Contact The Administration Department of the City of International Falls, Municipal Building, 600 4th Street, International Falls, MN 56649, phone 218-283-9484 or fax 218-283-3590; www.ci.international-falls.mn.us