• Job Description

  • Executive Director

    Reports to:  Board of Directors (Direct report is Board Chair)
    Salary Range:  Approximately $24 per hour, based on 20 hours per week, (plus $100 per month toward retirement plan or health insurance policy)
    Classification:  Exempt

    Responsibilities:  The Executive Director, (herein ED), shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the Chamber of Commerce, (herein Chamber). The ED will make decisions on behalf of the Chamber within the confines of written and communicated policies as defined by the Board of Directors, (herein Board).  

    Community and Public Relations:  The ED must at all times conduct themselves in a manner that portrays a positive image of the Chamber. It is important there be positive interactions with our membership, prospective members, local and national units of government and non-profit agencies. The ED must work closely with these groups for the betterment of the area and to establish our Chamber as a community leader. The ED will develop and maintain a plan to consistently visit current members and visit prospect members and invite them to join the Chamber. 

    Board of Directors | Committees:  The ED will work within written or communicated policies and directives of the Board and prepare information for Board and committee meetings. The Secretary (officer) of the Board will record board meeting minutes. The ED will record committee meeting minutes.

    Project & Event Planning | Working with Volunteers:  The ED will oversee project and event planning, including securing sponsorships. He/she will assist the Board with recruiting volunteers to help with development and implementation of various projects and events. Some examples include networking events, political candidate forums, festivals, retail events, annual banquet, fundraisers.

    Communications & Information:  The ED will keep our membership informed of Chamber activity, and any local and/or state issues that may impact our business community. The ED shall develop and implement communication plans, including use of the chamber’s website, social media and other online platforms, and traditional media. As a means of ensuring the Chamber stays informed of valuable information to share with the membership, the ED shall be involved with the Minnesota Chamber, including the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives group (MCCE) and other professional organizations of value to the membership.

    Internal Controls & Office Procedures:  The ED will monitor internal controls for the safekeeping of chamber records; and will ensure office procedures are followed. The ED may make recommendations for amendments of controls and procedures to the Board, if necessary.  

    Accounting:  It is the responsibility of the ED to follow policies and procedures adopted by the Board for the safekeeping and  operation of the Chamber and its financial resources. The ED may make recommendations to the Board for amendments to current policies and procedures, if necessary. The ED shall function as the general bookkeeper for the Chamber, with the following duties:

    • Maintain list of current members and vendors in accounting system.
    • Process accounts receivables and make deposits.
    • Process accounts payable on the 15th and last business day of each month.
    • Establish (with support from Board Treasurer) annual budget and present to Board for approval.
    • Establish budgets for special projects. 
    • Prepare financial reports for Treasurer to present at monthly Board meetings, including balance sheet, profit and loss statement, investments received, list of all paid bills for the month and copies of the latest bank statements. 
    • Work with our appointed accounting firm so they may process payroll and tax reports.
    • Balance and reconcile bank statements on a monthly basis.

    Other duties not contained in this job description may be assigned if necessary for implementation of the Chamber’s Program of Work. 

    Looking Ahead:  The Board’s vision is to grow the part-time Executive Director position into a full-time position at some point in the future. There may also come a time when the Board may deem it necessary and financially feasible to hire an administrative assistant. 

    If interested in applying, please e-mail a cover letter and resume to:

    Betsy Zaren
    Board of Directors Chair

    Deadline is 5:00 PM, Monday, August 15.