• Crossing the Border

    Why not make it a two-nation vacation while you are here. Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada is only separated from International Falls and Ranier by the width of the Rainy River. Please do visit our neighbors to the north, it is a distinctly different country where you will find the people friendly and the dining and shopping options truly different. There are great golf courses, scenic drives, museums and historic sites to make for a day-trip. Stop at our office for ideas and information, we are just blocks from the International Bridge.

    International Falls and Fort Frances share many events and celebrations, but are in two different countries, each with homeland protection priorities and procedures. To make travel across the border easy, bring along a passport or become a trusted traveler. Below, you will find links to help you understand the border crossing procedures and how you can become a trusted traveler.

    It is possible to boat into Canada to visit and then boat back into the United States, but you must follow the proper reporting procedures. Again, the information is included in the links below, but if you have difficulty navigating or understanding the websites we have regular phone numbers you can call. Our local Customs and Border Protection phone number is 218-283-2541 and the Canadian border station is at 807-274-3655.

    Many people consider making international crossing part of the trip here or home. Cross at International Falls and head east toward Thunder Bay on Lake Superior and return to the U.S. at Pigeon River. Be sure to stop at Split Rock Lighthouse as you head south on the scenic drive. Going the other way? Head west from Fort Frances along the Rainy River Valley and return to the US at Baudette. If you head west, be sure to take in Kay Nah Chi Wah Nung, an interpretive center for ancient burial mounds found throughout the Rainy Lake Watershed.

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