• Icebox Days - Wacky Winter Festival, International Falls, MN
  • Mark your calendar for the 2018 Wacky Winter Icebox Days Festival!

    January 17-21, 2018

  • Icebox Days - International Falls, MN

    Welcome to the wacky winter festival known as Icebox Days – an annual celebration staged in what the world knows as the “Icebox of the Nation.” That trademarked moniker, given to us by Collier’s magazine decades ago, harbors plenty of implications but one thing is for sure ~ it keeps the media inquiring and has put us on the global map.

    Events through the years have been covered by CBS, NBC and ABC networks and others. The Icebox and winter festival have also been featured on The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, MSNBC, Lifetime and dozens of national and international publications. A few years ago, Emmy Award-winning television journalist JuJu Chang visited with her son and producer, resulting in an International Falls feature on the ABC program “Nightline.”

    Yet there’s still a lot more you need to know about us. Our people live here because they love the area and are inhabited with an affection for nature illustrated in joyous winter activity and winter resiliency.

    Sure – we celebrate winter with our wacky and wonderful winter festival. But here’s another thing: International Falls is beautiful in four distinct seasons – breathtakingly pristine winters melt into heavenly summers, and glorious autumns. In the meantime, Icebox Days is packed full of fun and zany games for all people, including frozen turkey bowling; the locally invented “smoosh” races; moonlight skiing in Voyageurs National Park; the infamous “Gizzard” runs and much more(as you will see in this schedule).
    Be sure to catch the exhilarating FIREWORKS under the winter sky at 6 p.m. Saturday near Smokey Bear Park. Then, it’s the FYGB Runners Reception and Beach Party again at Border Bar & Pizza Parlor.

    2018 Icebox Days are coordinated by the International Falls Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the city of International Falls, generous sponsors and dozens of volunteers. You are warmly welcomed to the Icebox of the Nation for the 38th amazing year of Icebox Days and Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run.

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  • America's Coldest Town Lives for 'Icebox Days'
  • 2018 Official Events


  • Official Icebox Events Calendar Coming Soon! 


    Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard 5K & 10K Races on Saturday, January 20th, 2018


    Smoosh Races


    Frozen Turkey Bowling


    Frostbite Falls Golf Open on Rainy Lake


    Frozen Canoe Races


    Boot Hockey Tournament